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Important info to know about me.

I an artist; creator, and entrepreneur in many things after much experience; hardships and failures. I started singing at around the age of 5 and been a singer every since. I have won many awards singing in school and numerous competitions growing up and has blessed many stages from opening with the Four-Tops and Temptations to winning 1st place in those local competitions. I didn’t actually feel the brunt of my singing career until I made the headline in the “Detroit Free Press” as “The Strolling Songstress” as I walked the streets of downtown singing aloud practicing for coming competitions. That following year (2013) my life would change for the better when I won 1st place in the WDIV™ Channel 4 Super Singer Contest.

Super Singer in 2013

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Business Services

Get the creative services you need for your project rather; plain website, blogsite, web app, app, game, or any otherwise project needing written content. I have written countless about pages; service pages; as well as ran success ad campaigns at a much better response rate.

Key points about me

  • I write songs.
  • I write music.
  • I sing covers
  • I play and develop games
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I am instrumental in all things me.
  • I am a proud entrepreneur

Premium Ad Placement & Campaign Shares

By Adtarah


After pursuing all of my aspirations in music I decided to go further in other things I loved which was social media; content creation; and game development/design. Diving headfirst at full speed into such complex areas of study I’ve acquired skills, and a business, that can market, share, promote, and connect potential business prospects and ventures; even turning some of them into successful partnerships with sustainable derivative business ventures. I have advertised myself and others through special curated and researched marketing on multiple social networks, apps, and publishing platforms/networks as per my own campaigns and have seen an influx of traffic both ways. Doing said advertising experiments gave me insight into the type of statistical data relating to supply/demand in marketing/promotion on a direct drive to “Point-of-Sale” model; wasting no time on guessing how to campaign.

Having the ability to advertise services and promotions; I however, only offer said services on a “per diem”, and “AS-STATED” basis because I do it personally for myself even from the point of my business. Adding other businesses to my own personalized campaigns has shown promise; however, I take great pride in offering my fans content and promotions they actually “WANT TO SEE” which gives me a marketing edge. In any case; I am thrilled to announce that I am open for business if you are serious and know what you are looking for. You can continue to browse my content to see my style of design choice; and flow. 


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